Running 101 – Book Review

Yes, I’m a reader, so when I decided to start running, I had to read up on everything I could.  Yes, there is plenty available on the web, but I also like the feel of pages in my hand.  Running 101 – The Essentials For Success, by Joe Henderson is the first book I picked up to start filling up my running library (of course I already subscribe to Runner’s World Magazine).  I looked forward to the advice and tips the author offered.

Running 101 – Essential for Success is divided into three main categories including; starting to run, running for fitness and training to race.  These categories are definitely areas of interest for any beginning runner. The categories are then divided into 111 lessons, each designed to help the runner towards their running goal. How you progress through the lessons is definitely up to the discretion of the reader/runner.

Since I spent a great deal of time running on the treadmill (too cold, then too hot), I find Henderson’s take on treadmill running very interesting.  “Exercising indoors, and in place, is like watching the natural world pass through a car window.” While some may disagree, it’s definitely a very interesting analogy.  Personally, I would say that there are definitely pros and cons to running on the treadmill.

Ever wondered what training plans to put in place to run a 5K? What about a 10K?  Running 101 provides daily training plans to help readers figure out training plans to ensure success.  Training plans are also included the book.

Overall, Running 101 – Essentials for Success, provides a lot of great information for the novice runner.


3 thoughts on “Running 101 – Book Review

  1. I do not like running on a treadmill. I dont feel in control of my body and as clumsy as I am being in control is important!


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