Walk to Run – Don’t Let the Name Fool You

This grandma signed up for a Walk to Run class for a variety of reasons.  First, with a couple of health issues, I felt like I was starting back from the first marker since participating in the Disney Family 5K Marathon back at the end of February.  Second, even though I’ve participated in one other 5K since, I still felt like I was not hitting the stride that I should be hitting; making the times I should be making.  I decided, what better way to really get some help, build up my stamina, find some nearby running  buddies, then by joining the Walk to Run challenge at the local rec center.  After all I figured with two races under my belt, how hard could it possibly be? Do the words “wrong, again” ever ring in your ear?

The first week wasn’t so bad, it really wasn’t. It consisted of a few, run-a-few, walk-a-few. Easy? Too easy! After the workout, we got our homework which consisted of three runs and one brisk walk. After a week of workplace stress, a family funeral and a bit of travel, I was woefully unprepared for week two.  It’s not that running for three minutes is hard, it really isn’t. I’ve run much longer and much further. What I wasn’t prepared for, however, were running up steep hills AND through uncut grass in 85 degree heat. No water, no towel to wipe the sweat, just me and my running companions running on a course that we were in no way prepared for. All I could think of was “bootcamp”.

Fortunately, today’s particular brand of torture only lasted 30 minutes before we were allowed to go run back along the shady trail in the forest.  So what is the lesson here? While my initial thought was perhaps I am too old, I figured that really wasn’t the lesson here.  The lesson is that I need to stop running in the comfort of a treadmill and flat surfaces and venture out a bit. While self-doubt might have set in for a second it, in fact, only strengthened my resolve to get better at this.

Marathon here I come!!!


7 thoughts on “Walk to Run – Don’t Let the Name Fool You

    1. I will! I’ve done more outside runnin recently. Still looking for a comforable spot, but I think I found one today, it is a tad “hilly” though, but I guess that can’t hurt…LOL….


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