Monday is a Big Day for Grandma Running

Monday, May 13, 2013 is a big day. Usually I’m good with the weekend; content to spend the days running errands, relaxing with the family – generally just having a great time.  This weekend is a little different.  I’m actually looking forward to this coming Monday because it’s the start of two new endeavors designed to kick my… well you know…

First, I joined the Walk to Run Challenge at the recreation center. It’s a program to help participants run their first 5K. I know…I know…I’ve already done two 5K’s, but I must admit my time was horrible. I think the fastest runners could have run the race, come back for me at the starting line and ran it again, by the time I got to the first mile.  I’m determined to cut my time in half. 

Second, is the Fattymustrunmarathon Challenge.  This is a virtual group and our first “assignments” start on Monday.  This year long challenge is a serious of challenges and support from women all over the world. 

I think with the help of my virtual, in person support, AND my own will and determination,  I will be ready for my next 5K, the 10K I have yet to sign up for and the half marathon that is already on my horizon for February 2014. For the first time in a while, I’m feeling – Monday, bring it on!


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