Fattymustrun Marathon Challenge!

What? Are you kidding? Aren’t you insulted? Just some of the comments I first received when I mentioned joining this challenge.  “Heck, no!” was my immediate response. Just as quickly, the positive comments and support started to flow in. You can always count on family and good friends.

What’s in a name? Yes, I do need to lose weight; yes, I am running; and yes, I’m headed for the goal of running a half-marathon in February 2014. So I applied to join the small elite group and was so excited when I was accepted to join.

What is the Fattymustrun Marathon Challenge? There are fifteen phenomenal women – all with goals of running a marathon and losing weight, under the guidance our fearless leader, Julie. The fabulous 15 are made up of a truly representative bunch of women, in terms of age, current weight, ethnicity, location in the world and in our prior running experience, all joining together in a virtual buddy support system to help each and every one of us reach our goals.

Every goal starts with a hope and a dream; finding people to join you on the journey – priceless.  So call me whatever you want.  Next year, this time – you’ll be the one wishing you had started right along with me.  Thank you my FMRMC peeps!

So with a sense of challenge, and humor, we begin.


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