Last Day of No Training, But Staying Connected


I have one more day left of my “no training per doctor’s orders,” but even so I still can’t stay away from even the thought of running.  I had the most wonderful day in Washington D.C. hanging out with the family and doing a lot of walking. In fact we walked from the Air and Space Museum all the way to Chinatown. How fun was that! I’m not sure of the distance but it was a lovely walk.

First stop, Macy’s Nike Event where they had free smoothies, made with low fat milk of course. The free facials and makeovers, and massages were just what I needed to relax.  Macy’s was followed by another healthy jaunt to the running store. I didn’t purchase anything, but definitely made out a great bucket list of future purchases.  The day culminated in a early, light dinner at Ruby Tuesdays before coming to a close.

I’m so excited to have listened to the doctor’s advice and gave my foot a chance to heal. Tomorrow , however, it’s on.


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