When you’re Sidelined by an Injury


Sometimes being a new runner can be a little frustrating.  You want to be running, but realize you have to start with running basics such as how to move and how to breathe.  Also, learning that while running is free, you do need to invest in the right equipment and sometimes that’s not cheap. All in all, you smile because you know that one day you may not be the fastest (especially this grandma), but you will be running.

What’s more frustrating than the feeling of “entry level”, is becoming injured a month after you begin your quest. I had suffered from plantar factitious last year before I even began running.  Fortunately it only took one shot in the left foot and all returned back to normal quickly.  This year, I have it in the right foot and it’s not recovering as quickly as I like – yesterday. While it’s so tempting to ignore the doctor’s advice, I found perhaps that’s not the road to travel. 

Sometimes we have to take a moment or two to let our bodies heal (and healing when you’re older does take a minute or two longer)  Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely chomping at the bit to get back out there and start running. I fear that when I do, it will be like starting over again – but you know, that’s okay.  The most important thing is not to be permanently sidelined by injuries. If I learn patience and follow the doctor’s advice, take the pills for a couple of weeks and do the exercises, I will be as good as new.

No worries, this grandma will be back at it and running in no time. In fact, I have permission to gently put toe to the road by the end of this weekend. I’ve got my running clothes and my sneakers waiting right there at the door…looking a little lonely, but ready! Getting sidelined by injuries is not fun. Listening to the doctor’s advice so that I can get back out there – priceless.


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