The Glo Run 5K – This Grandma Did It!

GloIt was a busy weekend. So busy, in fact that I’m finally able to sit down and ponder it over 48 hours later. If I must toot my own horn, I must say that I’m proud to have made it through – not only the race, but the weekend.

It started with rising out of bed at 3:30 am on a Friday to journey 25 miles into DC to attend an HR conference. Watching the sunrise over Washington, DC is a sight to behold. I often picture myself running along through the waking city. No running today though… While I attended the conference in body, my mind spent the day excited about picking up my race packet for the Glo Run 5K. As soon as the clock struck 2:00 pm, it was time to head out to find the packet pick up location. Even though it took me over an hour to find the place, with my sister on the phone guiding me through Arlington, and another 2 hours to get back home – I was still motivated and ready!

Saturday morning dawned, clear and crispy cold. The day started with my daughter, my sister and I renting a table at a church yard sale. Nothing like getting up out of bed at 4:00 am to brave the cold and sell household items (OK in our case, baby clothes) – especially when you have a race at 8:30 that night! The day passed quickly and suddenly it was time for the Glo Run, through National Harbor in Maryland. The sight was breathtaking, overlooking the Potomac River. The course – part in the dark, part through super-glow tunnels, uphill and through mud puddles was amazing.

I’m proud of the fact that I finished in the middle of the pack of thousands of runners; not bad for a grandma’s second race out. The most amazing part is that, except for the continued problem with my foot, not a sore muscle to be felt!

As always, after enjoying a moment, I like to reflect on areas to work on. Narrowing down a breathing technique is definitely one of them. Confidence building is another! No worries though, this grandma is going to get there!


2 thoughts on “The Glo Run 5K – This Grandma Did It!

  1. I’m 59 and have been training for a 5K for the last 7 weeks. I love the progress I have made. I plan on training for a 10K next!


    1. Congratulations! How is it going? When is your 5K? I hope to get to the 10K by this fall. I HAVE to, I have to sign up for the 1/2 when it opens in June. Good luck and let me know how it goes!


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