A Good Day to Run

“You rarely regret the runs you do; you almost always regret the ones you don’t do.” Runner’s World Training Tip

I woke up to a glorious morning; unfortunately it was only 6:30 a.m. and a Saturday morning at that.  It seems no matter how late I go to sleep on the weekends; I can’t seem to sleep much past 7 a.m. I was hoping today would be an exception, but of course it was not.

As I spent an hour cleaning the kitchen, doing my best to “think” myself busy, I knew that I really needed to get out and run today.  Not only did I have a marathon to train for, but I had also spent the prior evening eating way too much food.  So after a couple of hours, I slipped on my sneakers and decided to head for the employee gym where I knew I would have the entire room to myself to get some running in.

After about three minutes on the treadmill, I picked up the pace and did the first of my run/walk patterns. It’s amazing how sitting for almost 30 days can play havoc with one’s fitness level. I think I did pretty well though, running for a quarter mile then walking for a minute.  If I’m going to run a half marathon, I do need to step up the pace, though someone once told me slow and steady will win the race.

I just had a thought; however, wouldn’t it be great if I could win the half in my age group? I think the trick is, however, to keep up the training AFTER the race.  Completing a race is not the time to sit back on my laurels. It’s time to train harder. Today was a good day to run.


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