Hunger, Journaling and Running

It’s so hard to be good when it comes to eating. I’m at the start of my running/weight loss program and I can already see one of my biggest challenges will be fighting hunger while eating “nutritious” foods. So what exactly is the problem? Quite frankly it’s me. I know, in reading my posts, you will eventually come to realize it as well. So why am I the problem?

The problem is actually a vicious cycle, beginning the night before. If I don’t prepare the night before, the next day is a goner. Start with breakfast. I’ve taken to driving my son to school in the morning and while I hear the cries of “bad parent,” there really is a reason that works quite well. I find when I have a goal in the morning to get up and make sure my son is out the door, I actually not only get to work on time, but I also get to take care of those early morning errands like the post office and putting gas in the car. So what’s the problem? Lack of preparation. If I don’t wake up early enough to fix my breakfast, breakfast turns out to be a sausage McMuffin with no egg and iced tea from those perfectly golden arches.

What happens when I don’t have time to pack my lunch? The possibilities are endless. Who can resist a fajita bowl from Chipotle’s? Even if I kid myself that not having the wrap, itself, is somehow saving mega calories, I’m already in the hole by a good 900 calories.

Did I eat a big lunch? I have to cook for the kids anyway so I might as well eat the dinner I have to prepare. Right? Let’s say on the outside chance that I behave for dinner what happens when I get back from the gym at 7:30? The hours between 7:30 and finally sleeping around midnight are endless. The little voice in my head tells me; “just one” won’t hurt. Usually “just one” of anything turns into a full blown snackfest.

Journaling is what it’s all about. If I write down everything I eat, I’ll come to the “realization” that I eat when I’m not hungry. The funny part is that I really already know this – stress eating, fun eating, whatever I call it, it’s still a challenge. If journaling is what it takes for me to get started off on the right foot, then journaling it will be. I still have high hopes and a goal to meet.


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