Finding the Right Running Equipment

If you’re like me, chances are you don’t spend a lot of money on yourself.  Getting ready to run made me rethink the way I treated myself.  New sneakers, running clothes and accessories were things I wanted (and needed) but was very much afraid to purchase.  After all, my kids needed “things.” Do you know how much it costs to feed a 16-year old boy?  Needless to say, the last thing I wanted to do was spend a lot of money on myself, however, to do this right I had to treat myself right.  After all, I was worth it right? Of course!


Shoes were definitely my biggest expense.  In fact, I can’t remember a time when I spent over $35 dollars for any type of footwear.  This isn’t to say I always buy the cheap stuff; I just made sure that whatever I bought was on sale – for no more than $35. Having already been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, I knew that I couldn’t go cheap. I had to purchase the right footwear.  The sneakers I wore in the Disney race were an old pair I had lying around the house.  After a couple days of walking around Disney World followed by a 5K race, my feet were definitely in need of some TLC. 

Once I got home from Florida, a quick visit to the Virginia Runner’s Store solved my problem.  The young man seemed to know a lot about feet and sneakers, and if he didn’t he sure knew a lot of technical terms.  The assessment they did was free of charge.  Granted I ended up buying a $100 plus pair of sneakers, but I guarantee the pain in my foot seemed to magically disappear. New running shoes coupled with running socks, specifically designed for that purpose, completed the necessary footwear.

Other Stuff

What about the rest? Being tall already makes finding long pants a chore,  but who wants to go running in baggy sweatpants?  I was able to find a cute pair of running pants at Target. For less than $25, this grandma was able to find something nice to do ample justice to the new figure I am planning to create.

Rounding out the accessories were some items I found absolutely needed; an armband to carry my small items like my phone and music; a nifty Road ID to strap on my arm in the event I ran into trouble; finally a sports watch to time myself (under $15 at Walmart).

Now fully equipped and totally happy, I’m ready to embark on my daily run.


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