The Reason Why I Run

What happens when you wake up one morning and realize three things? You weigh a LOT more then you did 30 years ago (even more than just 5 years ago)? You’re wearing baggy clothes to hide your shape? You can’t walk up a flight of stairs or speak in front of a training class without feeling winded? Well, if you’re like me, or not, you decide to do something about it.  The only problem is that you keep re-starting that “something about it” over and over again.  Well this time, I’ve decided to take this transformation public. 

I decided to start running and share my journey.  Sure I’ve subscribed to the running magazines – nothing like looking at a bunch of 20-30 something’s staring at me with their legs flying in the air and flaunting their six-packs to get me motivated  – not really, not for this grandmother.  What did I decide to do? Create this blog so that other grandmothers over the age of 50 can join the party and realize they can do it too. 

I participated in my first 5K during the Disney Princess Marathon weekend in February, 2013. After feeling the victory of even crossing the finish line, I made a vow with my sisters to run the half marathon next February.  I can’t back down now; join me on my journey…