Articles for Women Running Over 50

I was putting together my training plan to run my first half-marathon next year and decided to look up articles on training for women over 50. I’m not really sure why, but it seemed like an interesting thing to do when the heat index in Northern VA was somewhere over 100 degrees. What I found, however, was not only depressing but rude and host of other adjectives that I’ll reserve for the time being.

I can’t tell if Running Training Marathon – Made Easy was the name of the website or the article, but it was particularly degrading to us fabulous over 50 runners (and yes I said runners – even if we are new). It started off promising enough, saying running was a great way to stay fit – then it swerved into crazy territory, (and I quote) , “There are a number of running programs which are basically suited to the needs of elderly women.” Elderly? Since when is 50 the new “elderly”?  Instead of stopping at that sentence, like the one commenter did, I kept reading.  Why? I have no idea because then it proceeded to say (and this is a copy and paste quote) ,  “If you have been walking for 7 minutes then for around 10 seconds you need to run very hand  that is also called as sprinting.” So now not only am I old and feeble, but I’m stupid as well because I don’t know what “sprint” means. I’m wondering who has the real issue when they say “run hand” instead of “run hard”.

Why do articles dealing with the subject of women over 50 make it seem like consulting the doctor before starting to run is a matter of life and death?  The last time I checked, it was recommended regardless of age. Every article I read, seemed to want to highlight this as if that magical five followed by a 0 (50+) seemed to spark extra special feeble care. One article told us not to run alone because we could get hurt and not be able to get help.

Oh well, enough of my rants for today. I do hope that you fabulous over 50’ers steer way from articles designed to make you doubt your ability. Run strong – there will be plenty of time for rocking chairs later – and what great stories we will have to tell!

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About diawalker

Join my journey. I’m a young-at-heart, grandma who decided to start my journey to running my first full marathon exactly a year after turning 50 years old and first 5K. I’m well on my way to earning my super-grandmother cape. I work full-time in the Human Resources field, serve as president of HRA-NCA (a local SHRM chapter), write two sites and serve as the Launch Manager for I’m also a single mom of three fantastic kids and recently became a grandmother – that’s all in my spare time. I recently decided to take up running. Join me on my journey as I prepare to run a half marathon.

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  1. Really, who writes those articles? People who has nothing to do with running.
    Stay positive and keep on training as you like. It is necessary for every runner to check health, regardless of age.
    Best wishes from a Lithuanian runner!


    • I wish I could speak to a couple of them, they really don’t promote the positive. Thank you so much for your comment, it’s folks like you that help keep people of all ages running strong! Have a great day!


  2. Awesome…I’m on a familiar journey as well. I WISHED to run; but I am just walking for now; however, it feels so good to be back on the track, I just might take off running. Will be have my first grandchild in November. Loving him already. I’ll stay in touch.


    • Hi, Sorry it took me so long to respond, I’ve been away on vacation. Walking is exactly where I started, In fact, I walked practically my entire first 5K! Walking is perfect and if running follows, then it’s all good. The way I see it, we are a lot further along then anyone still sitting on the couch! :-) Congratulations on your first grandchild! I know you love him now and more so when you meet him for the first time. My grandson has been visiting his other grandmother for the past couple of weeks while we were on vacation. I do so miss his smiling face as he comes racing into my room every night.

      Keep me posted on your journey! Grandmas unite!!!


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